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Like most heritage societies, NBGS relies exclusively on our members for volunteer services and for financial resources.  Only by expanding our membership can we find the resources to publish Generations, our quarterly magazine, and to maintain our website.  This has led to a strategic focus on improving the value that we deliver to our members - we want to provide sound reasons to join and great reasons to stay.
As of 1 Dec 2020 we have welcomed  63 new members and 283 members have renewed.   (The majority of our members are still in their grace period.)
8 Dec 2020: The Winter 2020 edition of Generations is now available on the website.
8 Dec 2020:   Through the generosity of Carl Stymiest we have added a significant group of descendant reports, in register format, to Ancestral Lines.  The group consists of reports on 
* Benjamin Christoffel Stymiest
* Benjamin Gerrit Stymiest
* Capt. Casparius Johannes Steynmets,
* Duncan MacRae
* Gregor McKinnon
* Jasper Stymest
* Lt. William Wishart Sr.
* Pvt. Neil McRae
* Sgt. Duncan Robertson
* William Sharp(e)
1 Dec 2020:   Thanks to Gail Dawson-Plummer we have added a letter from Van Buren Thorne to his cousin Heber Keith, dated 1916 and consisting of 39 pages.  Found in our Family Histories section, these are his memories of his Keith Family ancestors.  
11 Nov 2020: New queries (Q5734 to Q5754 were added to the Queries section.
11 Oct 2020: We have added yet another new genealogical resource.  Descendants of Benjamin Christoffel Stymiest UEL United Empire Loyalist From Long Island, New York to Parrtown (Saint John), New Brunswick 1783 is a descendant report in register format and can be found in the Ancestral Lines section.
10 Oct 2020: We have added a new genealogical resource to our website.  Surviving America: A Family Genealogy in Historical Context can be found in the Family Histories section.
1 Oct 2020:  NBGS is now accepting renewals for the 2021 membership year.
11 Sept 2020: The Fall 2020 edition of Generations is now available on the website.
19 August 2020: New queries (Q5721 to Q5733) were added to the Queries section.
28 June 2020: The summer 2020 edition of Generations is now available on the website.
17 June 2020:  The draft agenda for the Annual General Meeting and various reports to be submitted at the meeting are now available on the website.  Click here to view.
14 May 2020: We added a new subsection - 'Land Records' - to our Genealogical Resources.
17 April 2020: New queries (Q5709 to Q5720) were added to the Queries section.
7 March 2020: The spring 2020 edition of Generations is now available on the website.
16 February 2020: Marriage registers for Albert County and Westmorland County were added to our Genealogical Resources.
10 February 2020: New queries (Q5701 to Q5709) were added to the Queries section.
12 December 2019: The winter 2019 edition of Generations is now available on the website.
4 December 2019: Thanks to the generosity of  long-time member, Ken Kanner, we have just added transcriptions of the censuses of 1861, 1871, 1881 and 1891 for Westmorland County and 1861, 1871 and 1881 for Albert County.
23 November 2019: Thanks to the members of Southeastern Branch we have just added the nine-volume collection of cemetery transcriptions called "The Cemeteries of Westmorland County".  You can find the collection here.
18 November 2019: New queries (Q5692 to Q5700) were added to the Queries section.
24 September 2019:  The website section called 'Cemetery Records' now contains transcriptions of two cemeteries.  The first, Fair Haven Memorial Gardens, was contributed by Thelma Perry, a member of Southeastern Branch who also sits on our Board of Directors.  The second, St. Stephen Rural Cemetery, comes from the members of Charlotte Branch.
13 September 2019: The fall 2019 edition of Generations is now available on the website.
24 August 2019: New queries (Q5679 to Q5691) were added to the Queries section.
27 June 2019: The summer 2019 edition of Generations is now available on the website.
7 May 2019: New queries (Q5653 to Q5678) were added to the Queries section.
22 April 2019:  We have added a page called "Anglican Registers" as a way of reporting on the status of the project.  This will be the front page for the search facility when it is implemented.  To see the Anglican Registers click here.
12 March 2019: The spring 2019 edition of Generations is now available on the website.
15 February 2019:  New queries (Q5626 to Q5596) were added to the Queries section.
22 January 2019: A video, in two parts, of a presentation made by David Laskey in November 2018 has just been added to the website.  This presentation highlights the evolution of adoption legislation in New Brunswick leading up to the unsealing of the previously-secret adoption files.
4 January 2019: Pamela Fulton's transcription of John London's Blacksmith Ledger 1824-1846 has just been added to the "Family Histories" section of the website.  With an all-names index this should provide lots of information for genealogists and historians.
17 December 2018: The winter 2018 edition of Generations is now available on the website - a wealth of genealogical information just in time for your holiday reading.
23 November 2018:  We have just added Aiton Families in New Brunswick: The Scottish Immigrant Hugh Aiton (1784-1862) and His Descendants and Relatives in Canada to the website.  From the pen of researcher and historian Thomas Paterson, this document tells the stories of Hugh Aiton (1784-1862), his influential Presbyterian minister Andrew Donald (1806-1891), Andrew Aiton (1803-1881), Andrew Aiton (1853-1924), and their families and communities primarily in the Province of New Brunswick, Canada.  Click here to go to the Genealogies and Family Histories page.
23 November 2018:  Sherrill Carter was admitted as a Life Member of the Society at the annual general meeting held in May 2018.  A "Life Member" certificate was presented to Sherrill by President Brian Cassidy at the meeting of Southeastern Branch held on 17 November 2018 and we present this video of the ceremony for the benefit of those who could not attend.  Click here to go to the Video Resources page.
23 November 2018: New queries (Q5605 to Q5625) were added to the Queries section.
29 September 2018:  The page called Area Deaths has been renamed; it is now known as Obituaries.  We have also added a significant amount of new content - a massive PDF file containing obituaries from Charlotte County.  We thank Charlotte Branch for this contribution to the Provincial website.
21 September 2018: The fall 2018 edition of Generations is now available on the website.  A cornucopia of information is available to help your research.
2 August 2018:  New queries (Q5581 to Q5604) were added to the Queries section.  A correction to Q5370 and an answer to Q5531 were posted at the same time.
28 June 2018:  The summer 2018 edition of Generations is now available on the website.  Check out the wealth of interesting articles.
12 June 2018:  We just posted a 4-part series of videos - our recording of a presentation made by Larry Burden called Across The River.  His research focuses on Maritime men and women who served in the American Civil War.  Click here to go to the Video Resources page.
18 April 2018:  New queries (Q5558 to Q5580) were posted on 18 April 2018.  Answers to Q5505 and Q5506 were posted at the same time.  Click here to view.
8 February 2018:  A new batch of queries (Q5540 to Q5557) was posted to this website.  Click here to view.
4 February 2018:  The George Hayward Collection now features a combined index - a compilation of the indices in the various publications within the collection.  The combined index contains over 102,000 entries and is testament to the tremendous contribution made by Mr. Hayward.
18 December 2017:  Two new videos have been posted to the website.  They are from a presentation by Roger Nason to the Capital Branch NBGS on Nov 4, 2017. The presentation title is "Genealogical Research and Tracing Great War Veterans; Experiences from Fredericton Junction and Grand Manan".
8 December 2017:  The Winter 2017 issue of Generaations is now available to members along with the updated Table of Contents.  Click here to go to the Directory of Issues.
24 October 2017:  A new section, called "Ancestral Lines" has been added to the website.  This section contains a series of reports, in "register" format showing descendants of some early New Brunswick settlers.  Click here to view.