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MEMBERSHIP - Saint John Branch
When you become a member of the Saint John Branch of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society you automatically receive the regular branch newsletter.  This newsletter will provide the time and date of the next meeting along with other details of interest to members including queries.  The membership fee is $40.00 per year.  As a member you also receive "Generations" the journal of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society.
The meetings are almost always held at:
Multi-function Room
Market Square
Saint John, NB
Guests are always welcome at our meetings.
You can join the Saint John Branch using one of these methods:
Please contact the webmanager if you encounter any problems.
Simply attend one of our meeting and the Branch Membership Secretary will be pleased to provide a blank form and any assistance you might need.
Download and print the traditional membership application form, (click here), complete it by hand and then send it to us along with your payment.  
Alternatively, you may download the fillable application form (click here), type the required information, print it and then send it to us along with your payment.
The form provides full instructions and outlines the payment options.