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A couple of years ago Capital Branch launched a project to promote the sharing of genealogical research by NBGS members.  Branch members were invited to submit descendant reports, in “register” format, for two or three generations of any New Brunswick family.  Electronic versions of the first few reports are now available to users of this website as PDF files.  
Azariah Perkins Irvine Family Photos Samuel & Elizabeth Irwin
McDougald-Wright William Cassidy Wright-Merrithew

The Capital Branch pilot has been declared a success and it’s now time to roll this project out to all members of NBGS.  This represents an excellent opportunity to share some of your research with other members and to expand our collective knowledge of New Brunswick families and their many connections.
What is a Register Report?
A register report uses the genealogical numbering system developed by the New England Historical and Genealogical Society.  A register report starts with a common ancestor, who is given the Arabic number 1.  Each of this ancestor’s children is then numbered in birth order with a lower-case Roman numeral (I, ii, iii, iv, etc.).  If the birth order is not definitively known children are listed in the most likely order.  Any of these children who have descendants included in the report are also assigned an Arabic number (2, 3, 4, etc.) and they appear later in the report with their children listed as descendants.  Children who do not have descendants listed in the report are only assigned a lower-case Roman numeral.  Only the primary ancestor (number 1 in the report) and the primary ancestor’s descendants are assigned numbers.  Non-descendants of the primary ancestor, such as spouses and partners, are not assigned numbers.