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Provincial Obituaries
This database contains records extracted from death notices or obituaries published in various newspapapers in the province of New Brunswick or submitted by members.  The records cover different periods of time although they are concentrated in recent decades.
Note:  The information entered in 'Town' may be either the place of death or the residence of the deceased.
Search Strategy
You may search on surname, given name or both. We do not currently have the ability to search on maiden name.  When you enter data in one of the search fields, the system will search only the left-most characters.  Thus, if you enter the letters "dav", the system will find "David" and "Dave" and "Davina" but will not find "Allen David".  To avoid this problem you should use the percent symbol at the beginning of the characters to be searched.  For example, entering "%dav" in the given name field will return all instances of those characters.

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