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Anglican Registers Project
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Notes about the Search Facilities
A fully-functional search facility was rolled out to a small group of testers in September 2019.  The testers quickly identified a number of issues, some of which were resolved through further programming while others needed intervention at the spreadsheet level.  
Because of the number of issues unearthed, we expanded the size of the testing group quite significantly.  This group put the search facility through its paces during the last quarter of 2019 with the hope that all major issues will be identified and resolved in that period.
Our current objective is to be able to roll out the full-featured search facility to all members during the first week of 2020.   The roll out of the rudimentary search facility to non-members will lag some months behind the members' facility.
The search facilities (members and public) will fully implement the privacy rules used by the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.