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James Read's parents - Sackville
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James Read's parents - Sackville
Posted: 03/20/2019 - 4:32 pm
In working on the paternal side of my family tree, I have hit a wall concerning any documentation regarding my 3rd great grandfather, James Read.  My Read ancestors lived for many generations in Sackville, Westmorland County, NB (and surrounding areas).  What I have documentation for (that I feel confident about) are my grandfather Edgar V. Read, his father and mother Thomas Albert and Mabel (Sears) Read, Thomas's parents Valentine and Cynthia (Hicks) Read, and Valentine's parents James and Elizabeth.  (The 1851 New Brunswick census lists James as father, Elisabeth as mother, and Valentine as their 21-year-old son.)  Some records that I do not feel confident about because they lack credible sourcing indicate that James' parents were William and Jemima (Phinney or Finney) Read, but I can find no record of them having a child named James or a birth certificate for James or anything that would confirm parentage.  Conflicting sources extend the tree further, giving William's parents as Eliphalet and Sarah (Bucklin) Read, Eliphalet's as Joseph and Sarah (Deane) Read, Joseph's parents as Israel and Rebecca (Ruggles) Read...and then Israel's father as John Read, but there was more than one John Read.  ANY help in clarifying/substantiating my Read lineage would be much appreciated.  The Reads moved to Canada from either Massachusetts or Rhode Island in, I believe, the 17th century.  My grandfather, Edgar V. Read, moved with his parents to the U.S. as a child (he died in 1952). Thank you!

James Read's parents - Sackville
Posted: 04/19/2019 - 6:05 pm
Hi Pam - I'm on a genealogy facebook group and someone from that group mentioned your posting.  She might have some information for you so I have posted a note for her to see how she wants to proceed with contacting you.  I think she had trouble logging on here.  I don't have any personal knowledge about your line of READS, but I am a descendant of Eliphalet Read (New Brunswick) - Joseph - John - Nancy (the last three lived in Minudie NS).  Nancy was my GGG grandmother.  You are likely aware of a book I will mention, but in case you aren't, here is a link to view it online:  It is the History Of The Reed Family In Europe And America written by Jacob Whittemore Reed (1861).  Personally I have found the book confusing to read and follow, but there is a lot of information in the book if you have patience.  William and Jemina are mentioned (page 249 I think or maybe it was page 243) and there is a son James, but I don't know if there is additional info on James.  Hope this helps.  I will have a look at my records and see if I have anything else pertinent to your search.  
Carole Heckbert McCracken
I had another quick look at the Reed book and on page 249, it does show that William and Jemima had a son named James:  "William, son of Eliphalet and Sarah, married Jemima Finney, and lived in Sackville. Children - William, born in 1794; Joseph, 1796;  Eliphalet 1798; Hannah, who married Elijah Ayers; Caleb, lives in Portland Conn.; James; Harris; John; Asa.  I didn't see any further info on James, but didn't really search through the book.  So this might be "your" James, but no proof of that.
Then on the NB Archives site (Daniel Johnson Newspaper Vital Statistics database), I saw the death record for Asa Read (d. 17 June 1891).  Attending the funeral were two brothers, James (age 86) and John.  So these were three sons of William and Jemima.  Do you know if "your" James was still alive in 1891?.   Asa's brother James was apparently born about 1805 according to Asa's death notice.  If the date matches the year of birth for your James Read, then this helps to confirm that James's parents might be William and Jemima (with his grandparents being Eliphalet and Sally).
Just heard back from the person who has some information on the Edgar Read family.  I have permission to post the email address you can use to make contact:
(perhaps just type Edgar Read in the subject line).  Hope this helps with your search.

James Read's parents - Sackville
Posted: 04/25/2019 - 9:04 pm
I have Thomas Read (1870)  parents are Valentine “Volly” Estabrooks Read and Cynthia Hicks.