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Samuel Hoyt, Sunbury Co.

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Samuel Hoyt, Sunbury Co.
Posted: 10/01/2019 - 8:23 pm
Greetings, all!
I’ve been trying to break through a brick wall concerning my 4th great grandfather, Samuel E Hoyt, for the better part of a decade and could sure use some help.
These facts are well established: he was born between 1812 and 1819 in Canada, immigrated to Maine (the area around Moosehead Lake) in his youth, and then moved to Pennsylvania sometime prior to 1848. He later joined the Union Army during the Civil War and died in Virginia.  He was married at least twice and had 5 children that I know of.  Beyond this, I haven’t been able to glean any reliable info. There were family rumors he might have had Scotch-Irish and/or Acadian roots, but given how long ago he lived, I don’t put too much stock in them.
Recently I’ve made some interesting discoveries on AncestryDNA. I now believe he might have been the son of William Hoyt Jr. of Hoyt, Sunbury County, NB. According to David Hoyt’s book, William did have a son named Samuel, but no other information is provided about him. Are there any resources (e.g. church records) from that area of NB that could possibly help me prove/disprove this theory?
Thanks for any guidance you can provide,