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Mary Akerley - Daughter of Obadiah?

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Mary Akerley - Daughter of Obadiah?
Posted: 04/12/2013 - 9:30 am
I am seeking proof that the Mary Akerley who married Mordecai Starkey is really the daughter of Obadiah Akerley.  The Gagetown Anglican Church record of the marriage in 1797 does not list the parents’ names.  Her death notice in 1855 in the "Religious Intelligencer" does not list her parents.  I realize that Mary & Mordecai named their first son Obadiah, and that certainly points to her being Obadiah Akerley's daughter.  But I recently got a copy of Obadiah's 1843 will, and he mentions his daughter "Mary Ballentine".  At first I thought maybe “Ballentine” was her middle name (even though he doesn’t use middle names for the other children he lists).  But in the will, he leaves her his pew at Trinity Church.  Then in the Trinity Church records from 1845 until about 1859, there is indeed a "Mrs. Ballentine" listed as owning a pew.  Also, Mary Akerley Starkey was living in Queens County, so I have to wonder what good it would do her to have a church pew in Saint John.  Obadiah also leaves all his household furniture to his daughter, "Mary Ballentine".  By 1843 (the date of this will), Mary & Mordecai Starkey had been married about 46 years.  I can't imagine that she'd need household furniture after all those years.  So - I'm stumped!  Does anyone have any document that proves the relationship between Mary Akerley Starkey and Obadiah Akerley?  Or can anyone give me an idea of other sources to check?  Or does anyone just know a plausible explanation for these issues that are troubling me?