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John McGraw/McGrath/McRae & Martha Schopfield

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John McGraw/McGrath/McRae & Martha Schopfield
Posted: 03/04/2020 - 11:29 am
I have located my great-great-great grandfather and mother recently. My G-G Grandfather, Neil McRae, was blessed in Oct 1834. His parents were John McGraw and Martha Schophield. I have since found their marriage by license, which indicates John McGraw of Glenelg and Martha Schophield of Nelson married on 22 July 1823. I also found John McGraw's record of baptism at the age of 38, son of Niel and Mary McGraw (15 Nov 1842).  A witness was John Schofield. These records appear to be about the same John and Martha McGraw (who also appear in the 1851 and census. In 1871, John is a widower). 
I have found reference to John McGraw as a son of Neil and Mary McGraw of Glenelg in various genealogical charts, but most lists don't mention a John as their son, and I have found no primary records except the record of baptism noted above that name him as their child. 
I am hoping someone has more information about a son John, likely born around 1804/5 to Neil and Mary McGraw of Glenelg.