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Margaret Graham
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Margaret Graham
Posted: 02/23/2021 - 4:40 pm
I am looking for information on my 2X great grandmother - Margaret Graham 
BIRTH 1811 • Kent County, New Brunswick
DEATH 26 SEP 1854 • Age 43
Burial in Protestant Cemetery Richibucto. 
Married: John Moss Wathen (18 Aug 1804 • St Paul, Covent Garden, Middlesex, England-  18 Mar 1889 • Richibucto Kent Co NB)
Married by Rev. R. Williams, John Moss WATHEN / Miss Margaret GRAHAM both of Richibucto.  Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 6 Number 843     Rank 101   Date March 15 1836   County Northumberland   Place Chatham   Newspaper The Gleaner and Northumberland Schediasma). 
After her death John Moss married a Sarah Jackson (1821-1901)
Siblings: I have an old family photo album that has a picture of her brother a William Graham.  
Another clue about potential leads is that I have an old family scrapbook and there is an obituary about an Effie Graham widow of a William Graham with daughters Florence Swetnam and Mrs Stanley Covey Rochester NY.   The dates on this family (William and Effie) lead me to think that William may have been the son of the elder
(if he was born reasonably close to 1811 when my Margaret Graham was born)  
Florence Swetnam had 2 daughters (Mrs William H Bennett, of Taunton Mass, and Mrs Homer Norton of Grinnel Iowa and a son Dr. William Swetnam of Montreal.  
Ideally I would love to get a lead as to her parents but any information would be appreciated.  
Thanks so much

Margaret Graham
Posted: 03/29/2021 - 2:24 pm
Hi Jennie, 
The lady in the obituary was Euphemia McNeil Graham, who married William Graham October 03, 1865. William Graham (1843-1890) was the son of Ann Graham (1821-1862). He appears in the 1861 census living with Ann and her husband Peter Beattie. William Graham and his sister Elizabeth are listed as step-children of Peter Beattie. Also living in the Beattie household in 1861 was mother-in-law Elizabeth Graham. Elizabeth (1784-1865) (nee Bird) was the widow of William Graham (d. 1849) of Cumberland England. They were married in Cumberland on May 15, 1809. The next household on the 1861 census after the Beatties was the family of John Moss Wathen. I believe Margaret Graham Wathen was daughter of William Graham and Elizabeth Bird. In addition to Margaret Wathen and Ann Beattie, the couple had the following other children:
Sarah Graham (1809-1858) m. Samuel Hetherington
John Graham (1825-1901) m. Mathilda Fairman/Fearman
The large age gap between Margaret and Sarah Graham and younger siblings Ann and John suggests there were several other children in the family, including the brother William you mentioned. There is a William Graham in Richibucto parish in 1861, but at age 60 he would be too old to be a son of William Graham and Elizabeth Bird. It is possible he might have been William Graham’s son from an earlier marriage.
William Graham  (d. 1849) may have been some relation to Thomas Graham (1775-1831) who also came from the North of England to Richibucto with his family in 1819.  
I hope this helps.  If you have any further questions, let me know.
Deborah Hale