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Marriage "by license”

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Marriage "by license”
Posted: 01/24/2020 - 12:26 pm

I have found an 1823 marriage record for my ancestors, John McGrath/McGraw/McRae and Martha Schophield. The marriage is listed as “by license” and was performed by a missionary.


Browsing through the book, I have found marriages by banns and marriages by license that specify that the father approved, as well as my example: marriages by license with witnesses who don’t seem to be family members.


I have also found an 1842 entry for the groom citing his profession of the Catholic faith and baptism at the age of 38. This profession is witnessed by someone of the same name as his wife - Schophield.


I am wondering what significance the marriage by license might carry, and if perhaps it might signify a marriage across faiths or without parental consent.