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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  RA 973.26 MCC Sons of the Mountains : The Highland Regiments in the French and Indian War, 1756-1767 Ian M. McCulloch
View Record  RA 016.9291 SOU Sources for Irish Family History : A Listing of Books and Articles on the History of Irish Families compiled by James G. Ryan
View Record  RA 016.9714 ODO Sources for the Study of English-speaking Quebec Brendan O'Donnell
View Record  RA 929.107207 1025 BAR Sourcing Canada: Genealogy Addresses Elizabeth Barclay-Lapointe
View Record  South Eastern Branch News & Notes (Newsletter Aug 1993 - Feb 2005) SEB-NBGS
View Record  South Eastern Branch Newsletters (Aug 1980-May 1986) SEB-NBGS
View Record  RA 929.409415 MAT Special Report on Surnames in Ireland And, Varieties and Synonymes of Surnames and Christian Names in Ireland Sir E. (Robert Edwin) Matheson 1845-1926
View Record  RA 929.50971522 ST St Albans Anglican Cemetery Cocagne, Kent County, NB John & Wendy Fisher Donnahee & Sherman Fisher
View Record  RA 929.371532 SAl St John Board of Health Burial Permits Index
View Record  RA 929.509715202 ST St John's Presbyterian Cemetery, Buctouche, Kent County, NB Donna Lee and Marilyn M. Fisher
View Record  RA 929.5097152 2 ST St Lawrence Anglican Church Cemetery, Bouctouche, Kent County, NB
View Record  RA 929.50971533 TOM St Stephen, NB Rural Cemetery
View Record  RA 929.1 JON Stamp Out Chaos! Eliminate Confusion! Vincent L. Jones
View Record  RA 929.37151 FEL Starting a Family History Project in New Brunswick Canada Robert F. Fellows
View Record  RA 929.2 STE Steeves Family Register (55 issues Jan 1975 - Jan 2006) Steeves Family Inc.
View Record  RA 929.2 STE Steeves: Samphire Greens: The Story of the Steeves Esther Clark Wright
View Record  RA 929.2 STE Steeves: Steeves and Colpitts: Pioneers of the Upper Petitcodiac William S Hoar
View Record  RA 929.2 STE Steeves: Steeves Family from Germany to New Brunswick Compiled: Judi Berry Steeves
View Record  RA 929.2 STE Steeves: Steeves Family on the French Shore Pearl M Steeves
View Record  RA 929.2 STE Steeves: The Search for Heinrich Stief Les Bowser
View Record  Stevens Family of Nova Scotia Newsletter
View Record  RA 971.024 STE Stewart: True Blue, The Loyalist Legend Walter Stewart
View Record  RA 384.6025 NEW Subscribers' Directory of Moncton Exchange ; February 1907 New Brunswick Telephone Company; transcribed by Jane Wood
View Record  RA 971.523 5 SUN Sunny Brae: Sunny Brae-The Town that Was Bradesiders
View Record  RA 929.37156 NOV Supplement to NS 1770 Census
View Record  RA 971.523005 SUR Sur l'empremier : la gazette de la Société historique de la Mer Rouge
View Record  RA 929.371 51 SUR Surname Index to Generations (Issues 1-35) David Neil Strickland (contributor)
View Record  RA 929.420942 RED Surnames and Genealogy : A New Approach George Redmonds
View Record  RA 929.42 BLA Surnames of Scotland: Their Origin, Meaning, and History George Fraser Black
View Record  RA 929.109715 ANC Syllabus of Ancestor Quest '97, International Genealogical Conference. Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, August 1-4, 1997 New Brunswick Genealogical Society, South Eastern Branch
View Record  RA 398.20971521 TAL Tales from the Miramichi Doug Murray
View Record  Taylor: Taylor Family Bruce Cartwright
View Record  RA 305.6845 HUT The 1604 Huguenot Heritage to Canada Roland Henry Hutchinson
View Record  RA 929.371632 MCK The 1838 Census Index of Digby County, Nova Scotia Karen E McKay
View Record  RA 312.9715 NEW The 1861 Census New Brunswick: Kings County, 3 Vols: (A-F), (G-O), (P-Z) G. Timothy Walton
View Record  RA 971.503 ATL The Acadiensis Reader: Atlantic Canada after Confederation, Vol 2 Compiled and Edited by P.A. Buckner and David Frank
View Record  RA 971.502 ATL The Acadiensis Reader: Atlantic Canada before Confederation, Vol 1 Editors: P. A. Buckner, David Frank
View Record  RA 971.5 PIN The Birth of a Province Pincombe, C. Alexander (Charles Alexander), 1923-1989
View Record  RA 929.2 BLA The Blacks of Salem, Cumberland Co. NS Betty Embree Veinot
View Record  RA 929.409416 BEL The Book of Ulster Surnames Robert Bell
View Record  RA 971.523 WEL The Brothers Weldon Helen M. (Helen Marie) Petchey
View Record  RA 929.209744 BUR The Burrage Memorial : A Genealogical History of the Descendants of John Burrage, Who Settled in Charlestown, Mass., in 1637 Alvah A. (Alvah Augustus) Burrage, b. 1823
View Record  RA 016.9295 CEM The Cemetery Record Compendium ; Comprising A Directory of Cemetery Records and Where They May Be Located compiled by John "D" and E. Diane Stemmons
View Record  RA 285.27151 Hay The Chignecto Covenanters Eldon Hay
View Record  RA 929.2 TRU The Chignecto Isthmus and Its First Settlers Howard Truman
View Record  RA 929.371611 CIT The Citizen, Amherst, NS, 1984, 1985
View Record  RA 974.727703 VIN The Civil Sword: James Delancey's Westchester Refugees Gerald Robert Vincent
View Record  RA 929.2 PRI The Descendants of Edmund and Jane (Webb) Price M. Frederick (Malcolm Frederick) Amos
View Record  RA 929.209715 31 BRE The Descendants of Nathaniel Brewster (1765-1836), Vol. 1 Compiled by Sharon (Brewster) Shadbolt
View Record  RA 929. BRE The Descendants of Pierce Brewster 1788-1851 of Hopewell [Vol 1 & update] Sharon Shadbolt
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Records: 501 to 550 of 654