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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  RA 16.971523 RAY Botsford: Index to W. M. Burns' A History & Story of Botsford Glenn B Ray
View Record  RA 929.209716 BOU Boutilier Family of Nova Scotia
View Record  Brewster: Some Descendants of Joseph B Brewster & Martha S Godfrey
View Record  RA 971.633 COW and Index Bridgetown, Nova Scotia : Its History to 1900 Elizabeth Ruggles Coward, 1887-1959
View Record  Bridgetown: Index to Bridgetown History
View Record  RA 929.209715 BRI / XX(1812049.1) Briggs History David F. Christopher
View Record  RA 929.209715 BUL Bulmer Genealogy Marjorie R. Bulmer
View Record  RA 971.6 CAH Cahiers de la Societé historique acadienne 1961-1974 Société historique acadienne
View Record  RA 929.2 CAL Calhoun: Ancestors of Thomas Calhoun Robert Ed
View Record  RA 929.2 CAL Calhoun: Descendants of Thomas Calhoun Robert Ed
View Record  RA 286.171523 TOO Calhouns: Memoirs of a Village and a Church Eileen Toole
View Record  RA 287.920971611 TIZ Calvary United Church (Mount Pleasant, NS) Aubrey M Tizzard
View Record  RA 971.523 CAN Canaan Settlement [Canaan Station] Memories : 1800's-2004
View Record  Canadian Genealogist (Journal) Editors George and Elizabeth Hancocks
View Record  RA 929.371 DOU Canadian Railway Records: A Guide for Genealogists Althea Douglas and J. Creighton Douglas
View Record  RA 929.209716 HAR Captain John Harris of Clements 1775-1825 Leone Banks Cousins
View Record  RAB 940.53082 JAR Captured Hearts : New Brunswick's War Brides Melynda Jarratt
View Record  Car-Del Scribe (Journal) Charles and Edna Townsend
View Record  RA 929.5097153 CAT Catholic Cemeteries of Albert County Winnifred Smith
View Record  RA 929.5 IND Cemeteries of Albert County, New Brunswick David F Christopher
View Record  RA 929.5097152 RIV Cemeteries of Northumberland County
View Record  RA 929.509714 CEM Cemeteries of Richmond County, Québec [compiled by George Skilling ... et al.]
View Record  RA 929.509715 CEM Cemeteries of Westmorland County, NB Salisbury Parish
View Record  RA 929.509715 CEM Cemeteries of Westmorland County, New Brunswick: Our Lady of Calvary Cemetery New Brunswick Genealogical Society. Southeastern Branch
View Record  RA 929.509714 CEM V. 1 & V.2 Cemetery Transcriptions for the Eastern Townships (Quebec) : Richmond and Vicinity
View Record  RA B 971.523 CHA Chandler of Rocklyn: Edward Barron Chandler, Father of Confederation Helen Marie Petchey
View Record  RA 342.7109 TRO Charters of Our Freedom Reginald George Trotter
View Record  RA B 362.708691 SCO Chasing Grandma Barbara Young
View Record  R 016.929371 CHE 1986 Checklist of Parish Registers, 1986 : Répertoire De Registres Paroissiaux, 1986 National Archives of Canada
View Record  RA 971.5235 SHA Cherryfield (a Parish of Moncton, N. B. From the 19th Century to the Present) Marilyn Shaw Guisset
View Record  RA 971.6201 MIL Chignecto: Records of Chignecto W.C.Milner
View Record  RA 929.1072 CHU Church Records : A Short Review
View Record  RA 971.523 500 25 MON City of Moncton Directory: 1978, 1983,1993, 1996, 1997
View Record  RA 304.6409715 32 SUM City of Saint John NB: Summary of the Returns of Death on Application for a Burial Permit Local Board of Health, Vol 1-6 1889-1894; Vol 8-10
View Record  RA 929.3415 BLU Civil Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages in Ireland : A Practical Approach Catherine Blumson
View Record  RA 929.609411 WAY Clans & Tartans George Way
View Record  RA 929.609411 BLA Clans & tartans Lorna Blackie
View Record  RA B 819.8 WRI Clark: Back a Long Way Esther Clark Wright
View Record  Colchester Historical Society Museum: Museum and Archive Holdings Colchester Historical Society
View Record  Collection: Dorchester - 12 booklets
View Record  RA 929.2 COL Collier: The Collier Family Gary C Wilson
View Record  RA B 610 COL Collins: James P Collins MD 1824-1847, a martyr to his duty Harold Wright
View Record  RA 929.9 COL Colpitts: Pioneers of NB - The John Branch of the Colpitts Family Gustavus Adolphus Colpitts
View Record  RA 929.373 BRE Compendium of Historical Sources: The How and Where of American Genealogy Ronald A. Bremer
View Record  RA 285.87151 BET Congregational Churches in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick 1749-1925 E. Arthur Betts
View Record  Connections (Quebec Journal) Quebec Family History Society
View Record  RA 971.500 441 GRI Contexts of Acadia History 1686-1784 Naomi E S Griffins
View Record  Cornwall Family History Society (Newsletters) CFHS
View Record  RA 929.2 COS Cosman Donald Cosman
View Record  RA 29715 COV County Birth Registers Index Addendum Saint John County
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Records: 101 to 150 of 654