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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  RA 929.2 ALL Magee: Magee: We Are All Related Judy Allen
View Record  929.3741 MAI Vol 2 Maine Families in 1790 Vol. 2 Ruth Gray Editor, Alice MacDonald Long Associate Editor
View Record  929.3741 MAI Vol 3 Maine Families in 1790 Vol. 3 Ruth Gray Editor, Joseph Crook Anderson 11 Associate Editor
View Record  929.3741 MAI Vol 1 Maine Families in 1790 Vol.1 Ruth Gray Editor
View Record  RA 971.600413 MAK Making Adjustments: Change and Continuity in Planter Nova Scotia, 1759-1800 Margaret Conrad (contributor), Acadia University
View Record  Manchester Genealogist Newsletter Manchester & Lancashire Family History Society
View Record  RA 912.71634 MAP Map Locator Book : Cemeteries of Kings County, Nova Scotia Nelson Donald Labor, 1938-
View Record  RA 929.37146 MAR V.1 & V.2 Mariages, 1815 à 1879, district Saint-François : registres de seize confessions religieuses autres que catholiques = Mariages 1859 à 1879 [i.e. Marriages 1815-1879], district of St. Françis [i.e. Francis] (Quebec) : from the church records of sixteen religious denominations, catholics not included
View Record  RA 971.5 SOU Maritime Firsts Dan Soucoup
View Record  RA 929.371531 KAN Marriage Register, Albert County, New Brunswick, 1846-1887 Ken Kanner
View Record  RA 929.371523 MAR Marriage Register, Westmorland County, N.B, 2 Vol: 1790-1856; 1857-1888
View Record  RA 929.2 MAR Martin: James Martin, 1759-1842, of County Down, Ireland and Hopewell, NB David Christopher
View Record  Max MacDonald Collection (16 Families in binders) Dunphy; Documents, Cemeteries; Us Wibur; Wildbors in America; Richardson, Carter & Rogers; Copp; Little Compton Families, Wilbus; Kinne; Weldon; Genealogy Research; Wilbur documents; Jonah; Alcorn Genealogy; Bray Origins; Jardine Genealogy Max MacDonald
View Record  RA 929.2 MCK McKinley: Of the Country; The Story of the McKinley Family, Ann Breault, Winnifred Smith
View Record  RA 929.2 MCL McLatchey: McLatchey Family John C Hatt
View Record  RA 929.209415 IRI Members Interests Directory Irish Family History Society
View Record  RA 929.409714 MEM Members Interests, Ancestral Surnames : Vol. V, August 1997 researched by Quebec Family History Society members
View Record  RA 929.3713 MEN Men of Upper Canada : Militia Nominal Rolls, 1828-1829
View Record  RA F SUR Mésagouèche, l'évasion d'un peuple Paul Surette
View Record  RA 929.2 MIL Milburn: Milburn Connection Newsletter and family charts 1983-1990
View Record  RA 971.541 GRA Mills, Hills and Early Settlers of Springfield Parish, Kings Co., N.B. Ernest G.C. Graham
View Record  RA 971.521 CUR Miramichi: Currents in the Stream Wayne Curtis
View Record  RA 385.06571 MIT Moncton: Intercolonial Railway Receipts & Payments Valentine Mitton
View Record  RA 287.920971523 DOB Moncton: The Word and the Music: The Story of Moncton's Central United Church and Its Methodist Roots Shirley A Dobson
View Record  RA 280.09715235 WIL Moncton's Religious Heritage Robert S. (Robert Sydney) Wilson
View Record  RA 929.3 MOR More Dating Old Photographs, 1840-1929 introduction by Maureen Taylor
View Record  RA 726.509716 PAC More Stately Mansions : Churches of Nova Scotia, 1830-1910 Elizabeth Pacey
View Record  RA 971.46 EPP More Tales of the Townships Bernard Epps
View Record  RA 929.107204 11 HOL My Aín Folk: An Easy Guide to Scottish Family History Graham S. Holton and Jack Winch
View Record  RA 929.37146 NAI V. 1 & V.2 Naissances, 1815-1879, district Saint-François : registres de seize confessions religieuses autres que catholiques = Births, 1815-1879, district of Saint-Francis (Quebec) : from the church records of sixteen religious denominations, catholics not included
View Record  RA 971.5101 AND Nashwaak: And the River Rolled On: Bicentennial Association
View Record  RA 929 NAT V. 73 NO 1 National Genealogical Society Quarterly (17 Issues) National Genealogical Society
View Record  RA 929.37151 COV NB Birth Records 1801-1899
View Record  RA 929.107207 151 NB NB Museum Finding Aid 2001 New Brunswick Museum
View Record  RA 971.51 MCN New Brunswick and its People: the biography of a Canadian province W. Stewart MacNutt
View Record  RA 929.3025 NEW New Brunswick Genealogical Society Membership and Search List NBGS
View Record  RA B 971.502 DUB New Brunswick Loyalists : A Bicentennial Tribute Sharon Dubeau
View Record  RA 015.7151035 NEW New Brunswick Newspaper Directory 1783-1996 Helen Craig (1st ed. compiled)
View Record  RA 027.002571 51 NEW New Brunswick Repositories New Brunswick Genealogical Society, Capital Branch
View Record  RA 016.370971 51 MOO New Brunswick Schools, a Guide to Archival Sources Diana Ruth Moore
View Record  New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) Nexus (Journal) NEHGS
View Record  RA 016.6309715 NEW New England Planters in the Maritime Provinces of Canada 1759-1800 Judith Ann Norton (compiled)
View Record  RA 974.02 AND New England's Generation : The Great Migration and the Formation of Society and Culture in the Seventeenth Century Virginia DeJohn Anderson
View Record  RA 929.1 NEW New Englanders in Nova Scotia [compiled by Fred E. Crowell]
View Record  RA 929.5097153 NEW New Horton Island Cemetery
View Record  RA 971.510 0431 HEM New Voices on the Shores Rainer Lutz Hempel
View Record  RA 929.373 NEW New World Immigrants : A Consolidation of Ship Passenger Lists and Associated Data From Periodical Literature edited by Michael Tepper
View Record  RA 971.635 DUN Newport, Nova Scotia, A Rhode Island Township John V. (John Victor) Duncanson, 1918
View Record  RA 929.371521 NOR Northumberland Co. Death Register 1888-1919
View Record  RA 929.3716 NOV (8) Nova Scotia Genealogical Sources County Guide Series 1988-1990 Public Archives of Nova Scotia
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Records: 351 to 400 of 654