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Land Records
Land records are very useful in tracing your ancestors' paths through history, revealing where they lived at various stages of their lives.  Often this may be the only way to document their presence in a locale before periodic censuses were introduced.  In some cases, entire wills have been transcribed into the early records to document the inter-generational transfer of land.  These records, when they refer to spouses and children, are invaluable.
Members-only Resources
The following resources are available only to our members; a two-step access process is needed to ensure that these resources are only available to members.  Clicking here will take you to the access page.
The land records at can be a bit difficult to use.  Here is a set of instructions based on a presentation given to Saint John Branch by Ruth McQuinn.
Over the years several articles about land records have appeared in Generations  and many of them continue to be relevant today.
“New Brunswick Land Registry Records” by Mary-Ellen Badeau - Generations, Fall  2011,   
“Introduction to the Registry Office, the Land Registration and Information Service (LRIS) and the Probate Court Records”  by Donald F. MacGowan, C.D., Q.C . - Generations, Summer 2005,    

“The Evolution of the Counties” by George H. Hayward -  Generations, Fall 1997,   
“New Brunswick Land Petitions” by George H. Hayward -   Generations , Summer 1997,   

“Glossary of Term - Legal Historical” by Daniel H. Burrows -   Generations,  Winter 1997,   

“Glossary of Terms - Occupations"  by Daniel H. Burrows -  Generations, Fall 1997,    

"Researching the Records at the Provincial Archives Part 3" by Don Dixon - Generations, Summer 2000,   

“Solving Dead Ends” by George H. Hayward - Generations, Summer 2017,  

“What Does That Say?!: Getting Started with Palaeography"  By Leah Grady - Generations, Winter 2016
Public Resources
Much of the material in this section is only available to our members.  However, we are pleased to provide the following links to publicly-available online records. - Scanned images of County Deed Registry Books for all NB counties.  You will need to set up a free account on FamilySearch to access these records.
Provincial Archives of NB - Index to land petitions
Provincial Archives of NB - Index to land grants.